I'm sure you would enjoy the comfort of having your power lines switched automatically for you, for instance when the mains(NEPA) comes on.

SDT Automatic Power ChangeOver was designed to be precise and yet dynamic enough in meeting this need in a way that is convenient for you.


Automatic Power Changeover(80Amps) side view
Automatic Power Changeover(80Amps) side view 



Key features include.

1 Automatically switching your house power lines when main supply becomes available/unavailable.

2 Features a switch to manually start/stop your generator (configurable).

3 Optionally turns off/on your generator when main supply becomes available/unavailable (configurable).

4 Features three indicator lights.

5. Power alarms to notify you of main supply's availability.

6. Circuit breaker for safety.

7 Digital Voltage meter.

8. A switch to conveniently disable the automatic changeover function when not needed.